Seedri Puhketalu spacious outside territory offers versatile options for leisure time.

It is possible to spend time organizing gamesports: football, volleyball, basketball, darts, archery, air gun shooting, orienteering, table tennis, corona.

For childres activity we have a playground: swing, sandbox, field hockey.

We have two barbecue chamber. Barbecue located near Holiday House offers ability to spend time with family or friends, make some barbecue and listen a bird song at same time. Second barbecue near Vip sauna offers ability to make pancakes on the outside cooker or bloat a meat and fish in smoke oven.

There are severals ponds located on our territory, which offer a good opportunity to take a refreshing swim on a hot summer day. Center of our biggest pond is located a small island with swing on it.

On Seedri Puhketalu territory is located Keevlätte spring, which is under protection. Legend says that spring water has a healing power.

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